Where Do I Start with Vehicle Finance?

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Where Do I Start with Vehicle Finance?

Preparing to buy a car or vehicle? Finance broker Dom Cassisi the various finance options.

Whether for work or personal use, a vehicle is one of the most important assets you could own.

A lot of people don’t find themselves in a position to buy a car outright. Having a good deal of cash in savings is certainly helpful, but financing a vehicle is one of the most common options.

It is important to secure financing that will fits in with your lifestyle. Make sure you compare costs and find a plan with a payment schedule that you can comfortably afford.

Here are some of the key vehicle finance options to consider

Business Car Finance – With this option, you can finance a car for work purposes.

Car Leasing – When you lease a car your lender holds onto the title, and although you never own the car, you can use vehicle on lease. You might be able to purchase the car after your lease term is over.

Low Doc Car Loans – Avoid the hassle of paperwork. Many loan applications require a lot of documentation, with requirements that may be limiting for you.

New and Used Car Finance – Enjoy a financing plan tailored to your specific needs to get a new or used vehicle.

Chattel Mortgage – Also known as the “Bill of Sale” loan, this financing is specifically for equipment and trucks for commercial use.

Bad Credit Loans – If you need help reestablishing credit, there are options. Speak to us about improving your credit and working around the obstacles to getting a loan.

Novated Leasing – This is the option for employers who have employees using a vehicle for work. A three-way agreement between the employee, employer, and lender leaves the employee responsible for the vehicle. As long as the employee works for you, both you and the employee will benefit from having the vehicle in use.

Vehicle financing at Funding Options

When it comes to getting financial advice on vehicle financing, we’re confident you won’t find a better resource in Adelaide than Funding Options.

Our offer includes fixed interest rates, flexible car loan terms and your choice from a considerable selection of lenders.

Contact our team at Funding Options to discover the vehicle financing option that’s best for you. Our experts will walk you through every step of the finance process until you have the keys to your vehicle!

-Dom Cassisi, Managing Director

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