New Year’s Resolutions, Property Goals for Homeowners

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New Year’s Resolutions, Property Goals for Homeowners

Ready to make this year your most financially successful year on record?

As we kick off the new year, here’s our top seven tips for New Year’s resolutions and property goals that every homeowner should consider making.

1. Set Property Goals Now (If You Haven't Already)

What would you most like to achieve with your property this coming year?

Sell? Invest? Extend? Boost the value or appeal?

If you start making these plans now, you’ll be prepared to put them into action instead of procrastinating.

2. Get Ahead On Your Loan Repayments

As your wallet recovers from the holiday season, make it a priority to not just keep up with payments, strive to get as far ahead as possible.

Did you realise that paying on average an extra $1 per day towards your interest and repayments could save you thousands in the long run?

It goes without saying, this will put you much closer to paying off your mortgage, entirely.

3. Shop Around For Better Deals

As a busy homeowner (and possibly spouse, parent, business owner or employee), you’re tired.

It’s easy to settle for your current situation because it’s there.

But if you promise yourself that you’ll shop around, the savings will be worth every effort.

A loan change or new utility service provider could result in some much needed extra cash.

4. Customise a Resolution to Maintain Your Home

What you invest in your home now can help you forestall major renovations and repairs. For most of us there’s often jobs around the house that we’re putting off, and there’s always room for improvement!

Could you give the landscaping a boost? Wash windows more often? Check filters in ventilation systems and appliances?

Simply being more aware of these seemingly small details will help increase the value of your property, extend its life and even benefit the health of your family.

5. Clean the House

Start your spring cleaning now. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need will give you peace of mind. It will also help you take stock of what you have so that you can determine whether or not future purchases are necessary.

We’ve all accidentally ended up with three toasters at some point in our life.

Reduce clutter in your home so that you can keep a better eye on its condition.

You should also resolve to clean your house financially by consolidating debt, closing down unnecessary bank accounts and checking for lost cash.

6. Save Energy, Save Cash

Turn off those lights when not in use!

Even if you use energy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems, you’ll still save more money by just shutting them off when not needed.

7. Set Money Aside For Unexpected Costs

As a rule of thumb, try to squirrel away some 1% of your home purchase price every year. In the event that one of those unexpected repairs urgently arises, you’ll have the dedicated funds already there to draw from.

Which Resolutions Should You Set This Year?

Contact Funding Options and tap into our financial knowledge, we’d love to help make your year a fruitful one. We’ll take a look at your situation and show you what changes can help you reach your property goals for 2017.

– Dom Cassisi, Managing Director

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