Do I Need a Finance Broker?

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Do I Need a Finance Broker?

Funding Options managing director Dom Cassisi writes about the role of the finance broker.

You’d likely agree that there just never seems to be enough time in the day. It can seem like there’s no possible way that you can reach all your goals. You might have big dreams of buying a home, starting a business, or refinancing. Getting these things taken care of requires a lot of time and research.

How do you fit it all into your already-full schedule? A finance broker can make all the difference.

What Does a Finance Broker Do?

In short, a finance broker does the research and paperwork and brings back to you just what you need to know. A broker equips you to make the best possible financial decisions.

Why Should I Use a Finance Broker?

As we discussed at the outset, you’re probably a very busy person. You may have a lot of expertise in many areas but haven’t had the time to brush up on which of the lenders are offering the best deals at any point in time. A finance broker can save you a lot of time, stress, research, and headache by doing the hard work for you.

Having a finance broker doesn’t just cutback your workload. A broker can also help you find some peace of mind. A financial expert will know just what will and won’t work in your situation. If you attempt some major financial decisions on your own, you run the risk of making some costly and time-consuming mistakes.

When Should I See a Finance Broker?

As early as possible .. when you are considering a purchase that may require finance.

A finance broker will help walk you through every step, from evaluating your assets and planning right up to applying for a loan.

How it works

Different brokers have different philosophies and access to lenders. Funding Options gives clients access to over 30 banks and 200 products without favour for any particular bank.

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible appointment scheduling, in-office or at your home
  • Objective opinions based entirely on your individual circumstances
  • An annual review of your financial situation to check for any way we can save you more money. No bank will ring you to tell you that you’re paying too much!

Funding Options is a leading financing broking company in South Australia. For help with your loan or finance issue, contact Funding Options Managing Director Dom Cassisi for a no obligation discussion. Call (08) 8366 0822 or send Dom an email.

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