How to Boost a Property’s Value With Landscaping

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How to Boost a Property’s Value With Landscaping

Looking for more ways to increase your home’s value and secure a sale? Dom Cassisi from Funding Options shares how landscaping can have a big impact on your property’s appeal.

Here’s why you should make sure that your property is spruced up with landscaping before putting it on the market, and how to do it.

Landscaping Lasts

No matter how many updates you do to the interior of your home to improve its value, they will one day fall out of repair. With kids, animals, and the bash and crash of everyday life, the wear and tear is significant. 

But by investing in the outdoors, you can make an immediate impact and create an atmosphere that will continue to thrive for years. That’s creating value that keeps growing and most buyers will appreciate it.

Less Work For The Buyer

When people see a nicely maintained garden ready and waiting for them, they may feel more eager to move in and pay more for the convenience. Who wants to pay money for a neglected patch of dirt and weeds and then have to tackle it soon after moving in?

People get a homey sense of ‘welcome’ when a new property looks inviting and prepared. An unkempt lawn or garden, however, can lower the value of your home drastically.

Don't Overdo it With Flowers

Giving your property a little TLC and sprucing it up with some landscaping is a wise investment that can increase your property’s value and boost your chances of selling.

But some prospective buyers may actually be turned away by a fancy-looking garden. Not everyone has the kind of time or knowledge it takes to maintain an extensive spread of trees and flowers. They probably won’t want to inherit the responsibility of keeping up with high-maintenance landscaping by purchasing your home.

Healthy-looking greenery is important and a few decorative plantings of flowers for a pop of colour are also a good idea. But you want the potential buyer to imagine him or herself living there and creating the home of their dreams. Too much landscaping can distract and, unfortunately, prevent some people from doing just that.

There’s no need to go overboard and break the bank with your landscaping. For the purpose of making your home more attractive for sale, aim for a clean but blank canvas.

The Best Features For Your Property

Which changes you make to your landscaping will depend a lot on the size and character of your property and the demographic you want to sell to.

For example, a large backyard securely fenced in on all sides would be perfect for a family with young children. Retirees may enjoy a small yet attractive collection of plantings around a solid and safe deck that’s easy to access right outside the back door.

You should consult a landscaping expert to find out which upgrades will suit your home’s layout the best.

A few universally-appreciated features include:

– A well-built shed for storing gardening and sports equipment

– Good quality paving on driveways and walkways

– Sufficient outdoor lighting

– Fresh lawn, especially in front of the house

DIY Landscaping to Boost Your Property

Here are a few small things you can do to get started on boosting the aesthetics of your home before showing it to a prospective buyer:

– Tidy up. A clean and clutter-free yard is the most attractive

– Thoroughly remove weeds

– Make sure the driveway and walkways are clear and tidy

– Do minor necessary repairs to any outbuildings or garden fixtures

– Mow the grass

The first step in the sales process is to get your finance sorted! Funding Options will help you secure the best possible loan deal and handle the process from start to finish. Contact us for a free no obligations chat about your situation.

Dom Cassisi, Managing Director

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