How Arnie Built a Property Empire Before Making it Big in the Movies

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How Arnie Built a Property Empire Before Making it Big in the Movies

Conan the Barbarian. The Terminator. Bodybuilder. Mr. Universe. Governor of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger has laid claim to all of these famous names and more.

But property investment guru? That’s a new one, for many.

You might also be surprised to hear that we can all learn a thing or two from this Austrian-American giant in fame, frame and finance.

For The Love Of Acting

Schwarzenegger had an interest in acting right from the very start. But he realised early on that he wanted to act because he loved it, not because he needed money. So he decided to save up some funds before making it big on the big screen.

Many of Schwarzenegger’s gym-going friends and acting class buddies were desperate for Hollywood roles. They would take anything that filled their bank accounts.

Duly noting this desperation, Schwarzenegger decided he wasn’t going to do things that way. He wanted to have the financial freedom that allowed him to take on projects that truly interested him.

That’s about when he decided to start buying property.

A 'Magic Decade'

The first attempt at investing in land wasn’t exactly successful.

But by the mid 1970s, Arnold Schwarzenegger had begun buying up property. He used winnings from his bodybuilding competitions to fund the investments.  

Within a matter of just a few years, he was seeing as much as 300% returns on his investments. Buying buildings, developing them and then trading them out for an upgrade only increased his wealth.

Schwarzenegger was a successful businessman well before he became known as an actor.

The bodybuilding legend modestly attributes his early success to what he calls a ‘magic decade’ that favoured investing.  

But no one can deny that there was something more behind his accomplishments.

Schwarzenegger's Secrets to Success

Much of what Arnie Schwarzenegger did virtually anyone else can do. This means that you don’t need to be a famous actor with tonnes of muscle to be a success!

Any financial adviser or investing expert who’s worked with Arnie would be quick to tell you that he’s a driven guy. His own ambition and hard work has helped him to make the most of any situation he finds himself in.

That’s exactly what he recommends to other would-be property investors:

– Work hard. You don’t get to pick a ‘magic decade’ for yourself.

– Set a goal you want to reach. Work with that vision in mind.

– Don’t listen to those who only want to drag you down!

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